Wellness Through Creation

It can be helpful to have extra support while navigating times of transition.   These changes can be made smoother by having a safe space for reflection, processing, and integration.  We can not control most challenges we face, but we can control our reactions to these obstacles.  Bringing awareness to our life, allows us to make mindful decisions that reflect our true intentions.  

I focus on providing a healing space for wellness practices, stress reduction, self exploration, and bereavement counselling.  I specialise with providing support for families in transition; including counselling for children, parents/guardians,  and families.  This includes grief support to people processing end of life, families in bereavement, and caregivers.  My work is formed from a positive developmental psychology theory; which combines positive psychology, attachment theory, and trauma informed support.  I offer mindfulness, somatic, play and creative based interventions.  I work with all ages and provide counselling services in English.  

Swedish National Association For Art Therapist

Professional Bildterapeuter